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Quality control automation

In the modern society, where the ability to survive and competitiveness of the separate product from the great offered range, depends on customers' favour it is important to control and improve its quality: it directly influences the terms of the period being at the market.

Quality control

Used in the industrial construction, by laboratory tests and fulfilling scientific work, vision systems realize automatic conducting of operations for quality control of products, caused by getting more and more stringent requirements to compliance of the produced goods to quality standards and the inconvenience of control carried out “by hand”.

Products quality control

Producer should guarantee to the consumer quality and reliability of the provided goods. In order to do that, manufacture technical quality control should be exercised incessantly — one should define correspondence between technological process of producing goods and declared demands.

Pipe quality control

Methods of nondestructive control are used for quality control of inner structure of different products, damage and dismantling of which are not allowed, but the main area of its use is metallurgical industry, including cast and welding of the pipes. By making cast and welded products it is necessary to examine them for latent cracks, blowholes, discontinuities, micro- and macro voids, as well as liquation inclusions (differences in chemical composition in different parts of casting).

Determination of particle size

Analysis of the image often includes the search of objects of interest at the image and defining its sizes. For example, this operation is needed for counting and classifying blood particles according to their sizes (erythrocytes, leukocytes) by biological research, for measuring sizes of the grains, microcracks, microdefects and microinclusions in metallographic research and for many other purposes.


Altami software products work under the most popular modern operating system such as Windows, Linux и Macintosh.

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USB 3.0

Tired of the slow camera work? Keep up with progress! The camera on USB 3.0! operates at a speed of up to 180 fps.