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Video camera USB 3.0

If in your work you use video camera for image capture (or video capture) or displaying the image at the monitor, and if the size of the frame and speed of frames transmission, assessed in FPS (frames per second), are important for you, then you, probably, would not like video cameras working according to USB 2.0 protocol.

Typical “popular” cameras, used in microscopy, which we tried, and which work according to USB 2.0, demonstrate the result of 15 FPS in average by 3 or 5 pixel resolution. This is enough for capturing static picture, but not enough for writing the dynamic process, and it is irritating when the monitored events are displayed, but the image lags and “twitches”. If it is so, pay attention to cameras working according the USB 3.0 protocol. Because of greater speed of transmission, through USB 3.0 it is possible to transmit videos with large resolution, and the speed will exceed the perception threshold of the human eye, so, the lagging and “twitching” effect at fast processes disappears.

Video cameras USB 3.0

Little by little USB 3.0 start to appear at the market. One of those (Point-Grey FL3-U3) we included into the list of cameras supported by our Altami Sudio application. We will give several examples of field work with video camera.

It is necessary to note that maximum mode which was received at Point-Grey FL3-U3, demonstrated the result of 60 frames per second by 3 megapixel resolution, which is excessive for the simple viewing. That is why in order to upload video at the site, one had to either delete unnecessary frames or “extend” the video up to the usual speed of 24 frames per second. We chose the last variant.

So, 3 mega pixel, 60 FPS, slowed down in 2.5 times:


By that, the recorded video lasting to seconds and transmitted from camera occupies several Gbyte.

800х600, 114 FPS, slowed down in 4.5 раза:

180 FPS, slowed down in 7.5 times:

Who will benefit from USB 3.0 cameras?

USB 3.0 video cameras providing high speed of video data and great frame resolution will be useful for specialists occupied in different branches of high tech production, as well as by conducting quality control. Devices which are parts of the technical vision system can be used in scientific and test laboratories for medical, metallurgic, jewelry and other researches.

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USB 3.0

Tired of the slow camera work? Keep up with progress! The camera on USB 3.0! operates at a speed of up to 180 fps.