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Grain quality control

One of most important branches of Russia's agriculture is plant cultivation, the most important role in which plays growing of grain crops (spring and winter wheat, barley, corn, rye and others). In connection with that, quality and safety of wheat in the process of harvesting, storing and processing, as well as stability of its production, directly depending on them, should be timely controlled.

Grain quality control (seeds of grain crops) means assessing humidity and analysis of its obvious and latent defects. And while for the first time there exist special measurement devices (humidity sensors and detectors), applying which it is possible to quickly get the data of interest, then examination of seeds and grains damage is connected with difficulties of choosing the method of analysis and searching of equipment suitable for this purpose.

Methods of grain quality control

It is more rational in this case, as well as by identifying humidity indexes, to apply methods of nondestructive testing, using X-ray equipment together with the system of visualization and the software. The process of analysis by that consists of X-ray exposure of the examined grains and following registration at an X-ray sensitive film or a screen of their demonstration, which then is captured and output at the computer by the camera.

Investigation of the inner structure of grain with the help of such equipment allows not only to detect at X-ray photos cracks, breaks, intergrowths, damage pests and other abnormalities, but also to assess the amount of damage and to receive statistics of results in connection with determining percentage of such defects.

The software used by X-ray method of grain quality control should provide the opportunity to conveniently analyze the received images and have all the necessary instruments for its processing and conducting measurements.

Software for grain quality control

Altami Studio provides control of different types of cameras, quality and convenience of viewing images captured by them, including processing of X-ray images (for example, Pseudocolors transformation), and also offers calibration of images and tools for precise measurements.

In the application it is possible to carry out quality control of few grain units as well as of their great amount. Besides, using its developments (including in the sphere of quality control automation), specialists of Altami ltd can provide possibility of automatic grain quality control with the statistic processing of measurement results.


Altami Studio for grain quality control

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