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About image processing

Image processing is any form of information processing which uses images as input data (for example, photos or video frames). It can be carried out for receiving the output image (preparation for publishing) or receiving another information (text recognition, cells counting, etc.). It is possible to process both static two-dimensional images and images from live stream (video stream).

Image processing

There exist two types of image processing: manual and digital (executed with the help of the computer). Digital technologies have facilitated the image processing greatly.

In the pictures you can see the original and the processed image (with applied filter). The image was converted to scales of gray.

The original image:

The colored image

The image with the applied filter:

The image turned into gradations of gray

Fields of image measuring application

Image measuring fields of application include:

Medical imaging - receiving images of human body parts (tissues, blood, bones, etc.) in order to diagnose or examine the illness. Medical imaging is very well developed and widely used: X-ray images, microscope images, and so on;

Computer vision - technologies, connected with abilities of the machines to see;

Optical sorting - products classification carried out with the help of human eyes (visual sorting), video camera, or special sensors. An operator (or a machine) looks at how items reflect light and chooses (or classifies) them on that basis;

Augmented reality - a view of reality changed by a computer, so that the perception of this view is enhanced;

Remote sensing - small- or large-scale receiving of information on an object or phenomenon using either recording or real-time wireless sensing device(s). For example, scientists process data about Earth received by a satellite;

Text recognition - processing of the received image with text if the text cannot be clearly seen.

In the next images you can see the image processing application in the sphere of text recognition.

In the first image you can see distorted (mirror-like) text:

The image with distorted (mirror-like) text

In the second image you can see the same text after a special filter (flip) was applied:

The image with applied horizontal flip

Nowadays, science and technologies are developing, and image processing reaches new spheres of application.

Live image processing

Live image processing (Real time image processing) is processing of image in live mode, for example, video stream processing. In this mode each captured frame is processed and shown. Live processing of image is very convenient as the operator does not have to spend his time on capturing images. Moreover, this feature allows the operator to work with moving objects.

Live image processing is a real cutting-edge technology allowing to hand over the routine work to machines.

The following video demonstrates live processing of images:

Image processing with Altami Studio application

Altami Studio application is an application for live image processing successfully used in such spheres as medicine, electronics industry, forensic science, and many others. Possibility of live stream processing facilitates the work of the operator very much (as he does not have to capture images) and provides the opportunity to work with moving objects. Moreover, all camera settings are saved and you do not have to make the same adjustments by each launch. Just launch the program and continue your work from the moment where you stopped.

Altami Studio offers different filters designed for raster processing. You can rotate the image, crop it, resize it, smooth it, perform brightness alignment, dilate the image, convert it to gradations of gray, make the colored image out of black and white, detect shapes automatically, and execute other numerous operations.

In the image you can see the image of human blood with applied filter - circles detecting (this feature helps to detect erythrocytes and other blood cells).

Blood image with applied filters

Altami Studio can also provide various measurement possibilities with the help of special tools - figures.

You can download Altami Studio application at the download page. You can buy Altami Studio application following the instructions at the purchase page. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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