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Image processing in medicine

In the sphere of medicine Altami Studio application can offer various solutions in different fields. In this article we shall concentrate on one of many possibilities: to be more precise, on erythrocytes measuring and counting.

Erythrocytes measuring and counting

In the past, erythrocytes (red blood cells) counting was done manually at the laboratory. This manual approach gave an imprecise result, and the task was tedious and time consuming. Normal erythrocyte (red blood cell) is about 5 to 8 microns in diameter. A specialized blood cell counting chamber is needed and used by researchers to carry out this task. Typical manual cell counting takes about 20 to 30 minutes if it is done carefully by a trained biologist. It is often a difficult task to get a precise and accurate result for red blood cells counting.


Nowadays, the counting process can be done at the computer in course of analyzing the image.


Altami Studio application offers the biologist all necessary tools which are well-developed and easy to use. These tools can also be applied to live stream.


With the help of special filters, Altami Studio application can indicate similar forms and make the calculation and measuring process much easier.


The image with applied filters shall look the following way:

Blood image with applied filters

Note that when you switch off the filters, all your figures are saved and do not change:

Blood image with disabled filters

Counting and measuring of other blood cells

The same process can be conducted with counting and measuring thrombocytes, leukocytes, and other blood cells.

Measuring blood cells

Report creating

You can save the results of your work as a report in different formats. In the picture you can see the report in pdf format:

Report on erythrocytes measuring

Please find the result of your work expressed as a report in pdf format.


Please note that all mentioned actions can be performed in live mode. You can learn more on this possibility at the features page.

You can download Altami Studio application at the download page. You can buy the Altami Studio application following the instructions at the purchase page


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