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Products quality control

Producer should guarantee to the consumer quality and reliability of the provided goods. In order to do that, manufacture technical quality control should be exercised incessantly — one should define correspondence between technological process of producing goods and declared demands.

Technical quality control

Independent quality control at the enterprise is often conducted by the specially created department which is called Quality Control Division, including also testing center. Technical control is carried out at all stages of production: incoming quality control, operational and outcoming control, and is directed at the raw material quality control, production analysis after each operation made on it and resulting quality control of finished products respectively. Control of each three types can be total, as well as selective and statistical. Total control embraces all products, selective – only part of products, statistical quality control, which is also selective, is based on applying methods of mathematical statistics.

Quality control is needed in different industry branches: for example, in test laboratories one executes quality control of coverings, raw materials, food products, etc., in building laboratories — concrete quality control, pipe quality control, control of welding seams and joints and many other things.

Equipment and software for products quality control

In order to details control quality of different materials and goods it is possible to quickly find suitable equipment, including measuring, microscopic, radiographic and other, as the choice of devices for conducting research during the quality control process is really wide. With such equipment one often uses software allowing to analyze and process results received during the research, as well as conduct necessary measurements with software means.

Altami software is successfully used in test laboratories by quality control of different goods. Altami Studio application has all necessary tools for measuring on the image — with its help it is possible to calculate the amount of defects and damages of products, its area and perimeter, or to assess deviation of some values from the norm by calibrating the image. Besides, the software has the function of automatic search of the objects with the output of statistical search results. Real-time image processing is conducted, which is also convenient because the application can be used for controlling the video capture device (digital photo and video camera).

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