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It is very hard to receive a digital detailed image of three-dimensional object without losing quality, as well as large photo of what is microscopic, with the help of the simple photo camera or camera. In such cases for transmission of the image of objects, their surfaces are scanned and digitalized with the help of special devices.

In order to solve such task of digitization, Altami Ltd offers software-hardware complex called Surface scanner, developed according to individual order of one of the company clients, and having aroused interest of other specialists. Technology of receiving quality images of macro and microscopic objects, offered by Altami Ltd, consists of scanning the surface of the object of interest and transmitting the received image to the computer for the following processing. With the help of surface scanner and Altami Studio application using such methods as Multifocus, HDR and Panorama, it is possible to automatically get sharp, accurately rendering information, photos of objects.


Panorama image received with the help of surface scanner and Altami Studio application


Surface scanner construction

Peculiarity of this machine vision system from the existing analogues is low self-cost of the surface scanner, received because of using simple and non-expensive components of installation. Hardware, namely, installation as is, is represented by digital video camera, stepper motor for its moving, having high accuracy of positioning, which through controller is switched to the computer with the installed software. Besides, it is possible to connect camera to the microscope, in order to receive photos of small objects, as Altami Studio is a very convenient application for work with microscope.

Software is represented by software for moving surface scanner, integrated in Altami Studio application, in which methods are developed: Multifocus — for creating fully focused image on several blurred photos, that means, by photos with different values of focal distance; HDR — for aligning brightness and overcoming vignetting effect by means of lighting the darkened areas of the image; Panorama — tool for creating photos, by means of joining many images together.

Panoramic image of the surface

Creating panorama images is determining function by its use of the surface scanner, as by moving video camera along the surface of the object, the received parts should be joined together for receiving the full photo. It happens this way: receiving control from computer, stepper motor moves at the given distance, video camera digitalizes a certain area of the surface, received data are given to the computer, where, by defining the location of this area at the general picture, they are combined with images of other areas of this surface.

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