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While informational and digital technologies are more and more often applied in different types of human activities, applications for work with a microscope are also becoming in demand.

They are needed, for example, in cases when one needs output of images received from microscope with the help of digital camera to the computer monitor (for further analysis and processing, and also for conducting measurements) or to the projection screen (in order to carry out broadcast of video stream of frames for the large audience).

Application for digital camera

Besides, special application for digital cameras, controlling the device of image capture, connected to the microscope, are used. The application for work with a microscope ideally should also control the the camera.

Capturing a single frame or stream of frames and setting parameters of capture is carried out with the help of such applications right from the computer. For example, it is possible to control video stream, and install capture settings and settings of the received images.

Altami applications for microscope and digital camera

Applications worked out by specialists of Altami Ltd for analysis and processing of videos and images, are often used as the part of digital complexes, consisting from a microscope, image capture device and software.

In Altami VideoKit and Altami Studio applications it is possible to control cameras and their parameters such as exposure and capture, white balance and image settings (brightness, contrast, gamma, saturation, etc.). Both of these applications suit for outputting at the screen videos or images received by conducting examination from a digital microscope.

Altami Studio application, having broader functional, allows to conduct measurements at the frames received from the microscopic equipment: both at a static image and in a real-time mode. After conducting calibration in the application with the specially worked out instruments, one can automatically or by hand measure the objects of interest (length, area, perimeter) in their real values.

Besides, in Altami Studio application many operations for transformation of image are received from a microscope. For example, it is possible to adjust contrast and brightness of incoming frames, align lightness, smooth noises, and work with colour and form of the image.

The software is developed by Altami Ltd specially for certain areas of research or individual needs of the customers. Thus, Altami Studio Crim application is realized for a comparison microscope.

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