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Video capture

Video capture, as well as image capture, can be carried out with the help of the software installed at the computer. Besides controlling the video capture and its settings, application for video capture should also offer possibility to set the parameters of file saving.

Launch of video and its stop, as well as video capture; and capture settings (exposure parameters, image parameters, parameters of capture and setting the white balance) and saving settings (file format, type, path and name of saving) — all that can be controlled with the help of the software. But here one must take into account that models of videocameras, webcameras, digital photocameras have different settings.

Application for video capture

Altami company offers software for working with video: it is the application for video capture from camera Altami VideoKit, which has the simplified functional — it controls the video capture device and suits for viewing the received video; and also application with wider possibilities Altami Studio — with its help it is possible to conduct analysis and processing of video stream from camera.

In both applications in the beginning of work it is necessary to select the device from which the capturing of video will be done. The applications support the work of different devices: videocameras, webcameras and photocameras. Device standards Microsoft DirectShow, Altami Capture Device, UVC, camera models Canon EOS and Canon PowerShot, as well as high-speed video cameras USB 3.0 Point Grey. It is convenient that in applications simultaneous work with several devices is possible.

In applications full support of capture devices is developed — it is possible to start/stop video stream from camera, change the settings of video capture, and do many other things.

By capturing and saving the recording it is possible to define settings which influence, for example, the quality of video (format: MPEG, FFMPEG); bitrate (speed of video transmission: the higher the bitrate, the better is the quality, and the greater is the file); type of recording (number of frames); size of video.

In Altami applications several ways of fast recording of video stream are developed: video capture into file in the real-time mode; automatic periodical capture of frames with adjusted interval, and fast — of the current frame. By saving in the settings of capturing and saving it is possible to indicate the path of saving the file, where the application will write the finished video.

It is possible to assess the advantages of live video without using the capture devices, just with the help of demo opportunities: for example, in Altami Studio application online it is possible to analyze and process in real-time mode the inserted video, as if it was played from camera.

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