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Altami Software
Software for image analysis

Altami Software — cameras

Software designed by Altami Ltd specialists is aimed not only at analysis and processing of images, but also for controlling video and images capture devices.

Standards of video capture devices

Main Altami applications (Altami Studio и Altami VideoKit) support interfaces of capture devices. Among them:


UVC interface is realized for image capture devices working according to USB protocol.

Microsoft DirectShow

Microsoft DirectShow — interface for work with video capture devices, widely spread in the framework of operating systems of Windows line.

QT Capture

QT Capture interface for work with devices in Mac OS.

Altami Capture Device

Altami Capture Device — interface used for Altami cameras, applied mostly in microscopy sphere.

Camera models

Among cameras which are supported by Altami software, there exist:

Cameras used in microscopy

Besides Altami cameras, delivered with microscopy laboratory equipment and software developed by Altami Ltd specialists, digital ocular cameras for DCM and MDC microscopes are also supported.

Point-Grey USB 3.0

Point-Grey high-speed cameras, working according to the protocol USB 3.0, are adapted for work in the applications. Because of high speed of data transmission and high speed of processing data in the application, images of video stream, even having high resolution, are received without lagging.

Canon PowerShot and Canon EOS

With Canon PowerShot and Canon EOS camera models the applications work in such popular operating systems as Windows (Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (architectures х86 and х64)); Linux (Alt Linux, Open Suse 11.3, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and later); Mac OS X 10.6 Leopard.

Controlling settings of video capture devices

Providing full support of capture devices, Altami applications, apart from carrying out the capturing of videos or images, also allow to control the settings of video capture devices, which is characteristic feature of these applications. Exposure, capture, white balance setting, correcting brightness and contrast, saturation and many other parameters of the image — it is possible to carry out all that by software means. It allows to save camera settings for the same work conditions.


Altami software products work under the most popular modern operating system such as Windows, Linux и Macintosh.

Need to develop?

If our products do not solve your problems, we are ready to develop "from scratch" or modify existing applications.

USB 3.0

Tired of the slow camera work? Keep up with progress! The camera on USB 3.0! operates at a speed of up to 180 fps.