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Automatic recognition of resistors

In the framework of one of the company's project on creating machine vision system, a decision on identifying with program means rated resistance of resistors by analysis and processing of printed board images.Most of existing software solutions in the field of machine vision is worked out with the aim to automate some actions, necessary by work, but often routine, toilsome and time-consuming. Using vision systems drastically reduces the time spent for fulfilling tasks, and, besides, eliminates mistakes caused by human factor in the results.

Such software solutions are required in many areas: machine-building, metallurgy, microelectronics and others. By carrying out the project on develop software for vision systems by Altami Ltd specialists, a separate software solution for one of the tasks of the electronic industry is found.

Determination of resistors nominal

By making and quality control of an printed circuit board its analysis should be carried out; this analysis should include defining and examining electronic components mounted. Specialists of Altami developments department have developed a test solution for resistors analysis at electronic boards and defining its rated resistance.

The application carries out automatic recognition of resistors of different size, image of which is transmitted to the computer from the image capture device (for example, a usual camera) in real time mode. Except that application counts the amount of resistors at the printed board; it determines nominal resistance of each of them.

Demonstration of Altami software solution to identify resistors

At the video it is shown how when imitation flow of printed circuit boards at the assembly line the application demonstrates the amount of the examined boards, amount of resistors of the last analyzed printed circuit board, and outputs the image of the found resistors with nominal values on them. At present this is a test solution, but in the nearest future one plans to improve it: the possibility of recognizing text at the received images for displaying the received results (values indicated at the electronic components of nominal) in the text format.

By implementing this solution earlier developments of the company in the sphere of image analysis and image processing in real-time were used: for example, threshold transformations, find contours, etc. Because of that the software solution was worked out rather quickly in spite of the fact that the benefit it can bring is quite great.


Altami software products work under the most popular modern operating system such as Windows, Linux и Macintosh.

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