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8.1 Filters


Filters are raster means of work with images. They allow to change color, form, size of image, and many other things. Parameters for each filter are applied either by default, or indicated at the Filters panel. Filters are part of document and are saved with it. Filters can be applied both to the usual image and to the stream from camera.

Calling the panel

It is possible to work with filters with the help of two panels: Available filters and Filters. Available filters are the filters available in the application package with which the user can work; Filters are filters selected by the user. Available filters and Filters are called with the click of the right button of the mouse at the tools panel or with the help of the menu View→Panels→Available filters/Filters.

The Available filters panel contains in the upper part the list of the available filters which can be applied to the document, as well as the user filters, in the lower part upon selecting the filter there appears its description.

The filter can be applied to the image either by clicking with the right button of the mouse at the necessary filter in the Available filters panel and selecting the item Add filter to the document in the context menu, or by dragging the filter from the Available filters panel into the Filters panel with the help of the mouse.

The Filters panel allows to control the filters selected by the user. In the upper part there is a list of applied filters, and in the lower part upon selecting the respective filters there appears information on the filter which can be changed by the user.

Description of the panel

Upon clicking with the right button of the mouse there appears a context menu allowing to make the following actions:

  • Delete the filter — deletes the selected filter. Upon that the image takes the original appearance.
  • Create group of filters — allows to create groups of filters. In order to create the group of filters, select several filters pressing the Ctrl button and having clicked with the right button of the mouse on the names of the filters you need select the menu item Create the group of filters. Group of filters can also be saved as the User filters. In order to add the group to the User filters, you should click with the right button of the mouse on the group name in the Filters panel and select the menu item Add to the list of the user filters. By that, all settings made by the user are saved, and the group of filters can be applied to a new document.
  • Split the group of filters — splits the created group of filters. User filters and groups of user filters are also displayed at the Available filters panel.
  • Recalculate — forced launch of filters.
  • Recalculate on change — sets the mode of filters launch right after change of any parameter of any filter.


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