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10.2 Panorama


The tool allows to receive panorama images from the microscope camera. Before applying the tool connect the camera and make the window with the image from camera active. 

Tasks and possibilities 

Adding fragments to panorama is carried out by steps. Before making the next step it is necessary to move the object under the microscope. The tool compares a new image with previous ones and looks for the same elements. According to the same elements the overlapping and matching of images is carried out. 

Calling the panel 

In order to launch the Panorama instrument, it is necessary to select the menu item Tools→Panorama. The window of Panorama tool shall appear. 

Description of the panel 

It is possible to indicate the following parameters of the tool: 

Size of the capturing area — size of the area alongside which the comparison shall be conducted; 

Capturing area — in order to place a new image on a ready panorama, the method carries out comparison of the new image with the already assembled panorama. By that, it is possible to compare images at the central parts or at the edge parts. The choice of the comparison type depends on the image, besides, there exist general rules: 

  • Comparison by the central part is more accurate, and the placing of the new area shall be conducted faster. Yet, on the whole, the process of panorama compilation shall be conducted slower, as each new step (move of the object) must be less than the half of an image. 
  • Comparison on the edge area allows to move the object by big steps, yet, as the edge areas of the image can be blurred, the quality of the assembly can be lower. Also, adding of the new area shall take more time. 

Matching method — several methods of comparison are used. Experienced users can choose the method on the basis of the image type. 

Choose directory with steps — it is possible to choose the directory where all the medium steps shall be saved. 

Panorama — it is possible to choose directory where the resulting image shall be saved. 

Panorama is built in a following way: 

  • Select the folder for saving panorama images and intermediate steps;
  • Move the object shot by camera into the necessary position;
  • Click Start;
  • Thus, the image is added to panorama;
  • Click Undo if you want to cancel the previous step;
  • Click Redo if you want to refuse from the cancellation;
  • Click Clear intermediate steps if you do not want to save intermediate steps;
  • Click Close if you want to stop the work.










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