Altami Software - software for image analysis
Altami Software
Software for image analysis

6.1 Menu


The main window has the following menu items:

  • Capture:
    • Connect Device - opens the window for connecting the camera;
  • Settings:
    • Program Options - opens the window for application settings;
    • Camera Options - opens the window for camera settings;
  • View:
    • Fullscreen – turns on the fullscreen mode. The application allows the user to work in the fullscreen mode. In that case, the widget with a stream from camera is shown in full screen. With the help of the View menu it is possible to indicate the fullscreen mode View→Fullscreen. It is possible to switch off the fullscreen mode in a standard way: by double-clicking the window with a left button of the mouse. It is possible to zoom the image in or out by using the scroll bar below;
    • Histogram – turns on displaying of histogram. The histogram of pixels distribution by components (red, green, and blue) and brightness, is displayed at the image;
    • Mode – turns on the displaying of camera mode. The information of the camera work mode is displayed at the image;
    • FPS – turns on displaying of fps. The information of the camera FPS (frames per second), which is processed by the camera, is displayed at the image;
  • Help:
    • User manual – opens Altami VideoKit 3.2 user manual (PDF);
    • Support – opens the Contacts page;
    • About – opens the window with the information on the application and link to the AltamiSoft site.


Altami software products work under the most popular modern operating system such as Windows, Linux и Macintosh.

Need to develop?

If our products do not solve your problems, we are ready to develop "from scratch" or modify existing applications.

USB 3.0

Tired of the slow camera work? Keep up with progress! The camera on USB 3.0! operates at a speed of up to 180 fps.