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Altami Software
Software for image analysis


Developed components: libraries and shells

Altami Ltd has developed a range of cross-platfrom frameworks, often necessary by developing applications for processing images:

Altami Digital Image Processing

Cross-platform library for processing ADIP images (Altami Digital Image Processing). The library allows to process rasters of different formats, carry out different transformations and easily implement new algorithms for processing. For developing and supporting ADIP, company specialists developed DSL (Domain Specific Language), programming language C++, allowing to use the speed of templates work, by that saving simple interface for the library user.

Altami Capture Device

Cross-platform library for controlling different ACD devices (Altami Capture Device). The library consists of the interface part and realizations of controlling the devices of different types, which allows, having implemented ACD interface once, to use all available realizations of capture device control. Besides, there is a possibility to add developed realizations not changing a line of the original code of the written program.

Altami Graphical User Interface

Cross-platform library of graphic elements AGUI (Altami Graphical User Interface) for building graphic user interface, specifically used for image processing. The library contains many widgets for displaying specific information: rulers, figures, statistic tables, displaying of histograms and graphics. Also, the library includes logic of interaction with other libraries of AFW company (Altami FrameWork), logic of storing vector-raster formats, calibration mechanisms, means of interprocessor communication (IPC) and many others.

Altami Logging

ALog (Altami Logging) cross-platform library of logging and profiling provides means for searching the most sensitive to speed of response parts of development, which allows to concentrate on optimizing the most important parts, receiving as the result effective applications in short time.

Altami Python

In experimental mode functions the shell APy (Altami Python) for controlling the components of the application in of high level language Python. Experiments already demonstrate stunning results: applications demanding months of developing by professional team of code-writers of different specializations, are created by Altami frameworks under Python control in several days by one specialist — algorithmist.

Developed applications

There are many methods developed by company specialists in order to solve special user tasks. Company has the experience of working in such spheres as: medicine, metallurgy, nuclear technologies, space researching, X-ray and many other research projects One of the examples of such individual developments of software together with hardware is the surface scanner.

Surface scanner

This software and hardware complex is designed for scanning and digitalizing of surface in order to receive panorama images of both large and microscopic objects.

Among the general purpose products of the company, very popular are such products as:

Altami Studio

Cross-platform program for capturing, processing and analysis of video and images in real-time mode. Altami Studio is not worse in terms of its functional than its famous Western analogues (Leica, Nikon, Zeiss developments), and in key moments it exceeds them.

Altami X-ray

Application for processing images received from X-ray apparatus. Certain differences of this application from the competitive software in this sphere: possibility of processing the stream of frames in real-time mode, excellent integration with capture devices and sessions support. The application is used in the framework of computer appliance in systems of products quality control and medical diagnosing. At present, Altami Ltd and its partners promote complexes at other markets of X-ray machines.

Altami VideoKit

Simple cross-platform application for controlling capture devices and receiving photos from them. At present it is the only application of such kind developed by a Russian company. Altami VideoKit during its short period of existence has been installed in many scientific, educational and industrial organizations. As an example we can name participation of company in national project “Education”, in the framework if which the company delivered to schools more than 20 000 microscopes, 5 thousands of which were complemented by ocular cameras controlled by Altami VideoKit.

Altami PhotoKit

Altami PhotoKit is the earliest development of the company. The application allows to receive photos from specialized photo cameras and is applied in cases when the quality of the received photos in more important than dynamics of watching the objects.


Altami software products work under the most popular modern operating system such as Windows, Linux и Macintosh.

Need to develop?

If our products do not solve your problems, we are ready to develop "from scratch" or modify existing applications.

USB 3.0

Tired of the slow camera work? Keep up with progress! The camera on USB 3.0! operates at a speed of up to 180 fps.