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Cross-platform Altami software for Windows, Linux, Mac

The problem of changing operating systems, which often arises before the users, consists in the fact that a lot of applications they use are not supported by the new OS. In that case the user has to find analogues of applications s/he got used to, and adapt them in their framework. While broadly used applications such as word processor or musical player are worked out for most of OS, applications with specific purpose often suit for using only with a certain OS. It is likely that, if it is not a specific application, designed for work in a certain OS, the necessary OS shall be designed for Windows.

Applications worked out by Altami Ltd for controlling video capture devices and aimed at solving many tasks of analysis and processing images and videos in real-time, — are cross-platform. That means, they are designed for many operating systems. If the user working with Altami software decides to go from proprietary to free software, and installs at the computer OS of Ubuntu line instead of Windows, s/he will be able to work with the familiar application, as s/he has done before, and will not notice the change.

Cross-platform Altami software

Altami Studio and Altami VideoKit are installed and effectively work at the most popular operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. More specifically: in OS Windows line (Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (architectures х86 and х64)); in OS on the basis of Linux kernel (Alt Linux, Open Suse 11.3, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and later), in Mac OS X 10.6 Leopard.

Besides, Altami software, suiting for controlling video capture devices, works with most of cameras in different operating systems (for example, with Canon EOS and Canon Powershot camera models), that is why their setting, image capture (of single frames) and video capture are possible with the help of Altami Studio and Altami VideoKit.

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Altami software products work under the most popular modern operating system such as Windows, Linux и Macintosh.

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USB 3.0

Tired of the slow camera work? Keep up with progress! The camera on USB 3.0! operates at a speed of up to 180 fps.