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Image processing in forensic science

The development of new techniques in image processing and pattern recognition has had great influence on forensic science.

By the number of camera surveillance systems that are installed it sometimes happens that a crime is recorded on videotape. If this occurs, the tape can be used as evidence in court. The court often asks for image processing of the tape itself, to get the clearer image of the tape, and of comparison of the video images with a suspect. Image processing applications provide a real aid in these circumstances.

Forensic investigation also can require quick and accurate object measuring.

Altami Studio image analysis application possesses well-developed and easy-to-use tools which can be used in live mode and which provide important aid to a forensic expert.

Shell measuring

Image processing and analysis can be applied in the sphere of forensics in various ways, but we shall now concentrate on shell measuring.

In the picture you can see a shell with a measurement made with the help of a special figure ellipse:

Shell measuring

Text recognition

Altami Studio software provides various raster operations, among them — horizontal and vertical flips which reflect the image in a mirror-like way. This is especially useful for text recognition when the image is received in a distorted (mirror-like) way.

That is how a distorted image can look like (it is a part of a shell):

Inverted image of a shell

That is how an image shall look like after a filter is applied:

Shell image with applied flip

Histogram adjustment

Let us apply another filter - histogram adjustment, so that it would be convenient for the operator to work with the shell image.

The shell image after histogram adjustment

With Altami Studio software you can adjust brightness and contrast the way you would like to do it.

Report creating

The results of your work can be saved in different formats, for example, as a report in pdf format:

Report on shell measuring

Please find the result of your work expressed as a report in pdf format.


Note that all described actions can be applied to live stream. You can learn more on this possibility at the features page.

You can download Altami Studio software at the download page. You can buy Altami Studio software following the instructions at the purchase page.

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