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Determination of particle size

Analysis of the image often includes the search of objects of interest at the image and defining its sizes. For example, this operation is needed for counting and classifying blood particles according to their sizes (erythrocytes, leukocytes) by biological research, for measuring sizes of the grains, microcracks, microdefects and microinclusions in metallographic research and for many other purposes.


As graphic image shows data on the size of the particles in pixels and not in real units of measurement, than for the assessment of the relation of real sizes to the received at the image, the image is calibrated. It is done in order to define the scale of objects at the photo.

Creating and using calibration for the following measurements is possible in Altami Studio. Having used the Calibration tool by the given conditions of the capture of the object, it is possible to maximally exactly measure the sizes of particles at the image. For that, in the application special tools-figures used for finding geometrical values (length, perimeter, and area) are created.

Automatic search of particles and defining its sizes in Altami Studio

Besides, very helpful for the work in Altami Studio application is the function Automatic search of objects. With its help it is possible in tenths of seconds to find and select many particles, by only specifying parameter for its search. The application statistically processes the results of any measurements and automatically finds maximum, minimum, and average values, builds histograms of distribution of objects according to the specified parameter and its graphic representations.

Besides the accurate assessment of particles with the help of the calibration, tools for approximate assessment — Ruler and Scale are also developed in the application. Applying them, it is possible to quickly conduct the visual analysis of the size of the objects.

Applying Altami Studio tools for defining the sizes of particles

With the help of the Altami Studio software different researches in various fields of science are conducted. At our site there are several articles on the use of this application: Cytological research methods in microscopy of cytological strokes, imprints, scrapings, material received by biopsy and puncture; Electroluminors examination; Quality control for ring seal fittings and pipe thread identification.

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