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Machine vision

In order to reduce time of the human work at routine tasks one uses modern informational technologies: application of computing machines for automating of actions helps not only to facilitate carrying out of the works, but also to eliminate the appearance of mistakes caused by the human factor. In order to solve tasks of industrial automating there exists machine (or technical) vision which belongs to the field of computer vision (transforming the data coming from capture devices).

Vision systems are designed for automatic: quality control (eg, quality control of pipes, control of oil quality, grain quality control, etc.), different measurements, counting objects and so on. With the help of vision systems operator commits less mistakes than if he would have committed if he had to perform manual operations.

Image capture devices (web-, photo- and video cameras), as well as the devices for image analysis and processing are the main components of vision system.

Altami vision systems

Altami Ltd produces Altami vision systems for using them in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, microelectronics, mineralogy, jewelry industry, etc. Altami vision cameras help to capture video or the image, and with the help if Altami Studio application the received frames flow is transformed.

Altami Studio application can be used not only for analyzing and processing images in real-time mode, for which purpose many filters are developed in it (geometrical, morphological, threshold and many others) but also for automated search of the objects and its counting. The application can find 1000 objects in one range of vision depending on the computer power in 0.1-0.5 seconds, which is from 120 to 600 times faster than counting by hand. Besides, according to the search results Altami Studio shows statistics data on the size of the particles (area and perimeter), in which maximum and minimum parameter values, standard deviation, etc. are shown.

Working out vision systems

Besides developing and supporting the existing Altami products, specialists of our company develop software, including software for machine vision systems, according to custom clients tasks. For example, one of important developments is Method of object shift definition for OAO “Pavlovsky machine-building plant Voskhod”. This method, providing interaction of the client's application and Altami Studio application, allows to define in Altami Studio by query of the client's application the shift of the object in relation to original location and to send the received results.


Method of object shift definition


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Within the development of vision system by specialists of "Altami" company implemented a software solution for automatic recognition of the resistors on the electronic board and the determination of nominal resistance.

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Altami software products work under the most popular modern operating system such as Windows, Linux и Macintosh.

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