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Processing of images in real-time mode

Besides capturing images and images and recording, Altami software is also used for analysis and processing of the received frames, and, what is a certain advantage in comparison with other applications, it is possible to conduct these operations in real-time mode. While Altami VideoKit is used for viewing and visual analysis of images in online mode, Altami Studio application is also effectively used for conducting measurements and editing videos and images.

In Altami Studio application demonstration possibilities to assess advantages of video processing live are worked out. In order to do that, instead of the digital camera it is possible to connect one the test devices, built in the application; the result of work of this device will be a stream of frames, to which, as well as to the video, applied to the camera, all operations offered by the application can be applied: carrying out measurements in different ways, work at the image colour and form.

Example of processing the stream of frames in real-time mode

Recorded as the example Automatic definition of plankton video, where with the help of the filter Find contours (configured) of the Altami Studio application the search of many tiny organisms is conducted, demonstrates the possibility of video frames processing in real-time mode in this software.

With the help of the connected to the digital microscope Altami USB 3150R6 1/2CMOS camera, working according to the protocol USB 2.0, there happens transmission of the image of the examined plankton to the computer. After focusing the microscope at the object and finding the part of interest, an automatic objects search is switched on in the application.

Chosen for the analysis of image Find contours (configured) filter finds and selects particles of the plankton according to the specified parameters. After using the filter at the video it is demonstrated how by the moving the sample stage automatic defining of new particles which got into the microscope range of vision happens in the real time. Processing is carried out with the high speed — in tenth parts of seconds. After conducting this processing results of statistics processing of objects are demonstrated in the application: the table of their distribution according to certain parameters and a histogram are shown.

Working out decisions for processing images in real-time mode

Altami Ltd specialists are ready to develop software designed for analysis and processing of images in real-time mode or refine existing software for special clients tasks. Among the already developed software there are computer appliance Scanner of surfaces for creating panorama images of surfaces of objects of interest, Comparison microscope for conducting comparison analysis and expert assessment, and many others.

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Image processing in real time is important, for example, the analysis of printed circuit boards at the assembly line, and electronic components mounted on them. Specialists of the company developed a solution for the detection resistor and determination rated resistance.

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Altami software products work under the most popular modern operating system such as Windows, Linux и Macintosh.

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