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Quality control automation

In the modern society, where the ability to survive and competitiveness of the separate product from the great offered range, depends on customers' favour it is important to control and improve its quality: it directly influences the terms of the period being at the market.

Technical quality control of the products, aimed at the assessment of compliance of the proclaimed product characteristics to the demands and guaranteeing its quality to the customer, can be carried out by different methods depending on the type of production, its examined physical, chemical and mechanic characteristics, and many other factors. By that, it can be conducted both by hand, with the direct participation of the researcher, and with the help of the mechanized means. As the first method (for example, visual analysis) is not able to solve quality control tasks in all cases, and can cause human factor mistakes, in many areas it is better to use special equipment.

Automated product quality control

In order to raise the speed and accuracy of the examinations and measurements, decreasing time spent on processing and assessment of results, as well as on eliminating mistakes made by researchers by conducting quality control, automation is often carried out.

Automated system of quality control provides continuous quality control of the products (for example, by their move on conveyer belt), because of that improves the speed, accurateness and convenience of the products analysis. Besides that, the system because of the program component often has the possibility of output, processing and keeping in the database the information received by the measurements.

Automated Altami quality control system

Altami program solutions can be used for products quality control in different industry branches: for pipe quality control as well as welding seams and joints; grain quality control, oil, water and many others. Being a program component of the devices for conducting and improving quality control, they solve many tasks on analysis and processing of the images of the products in question.

For example, frequently used in the process of quality control Altami Studio application provides automation of the following operations: capture of images of the examined object from video camera or digital photo camera, the following processing of the received images, including conducting measurements and the output of the investigation results as a report. Besides, with the help of the application one can automatically find objects in the image and receive statistical data on their perimeter and area.

Specialists of the company are ready to develop according to the customer's needs program solutions for conducting quality control in specific industry branches.

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Altami software for quality control automation

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