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12. Document

In Altami Studio 3.1.0 the format of the document was changed. Now the saved document has the smaller size as its is archived by zip algorithm. 

The document in Altami Studio application is a total of the image (static or stream from camera), its calibration, camera settings, filters, and conducted measurements. By closing the application the state of all opened documents is saved and downloaded by the next launch.  

At the disk the document can be saved only in adfx format. Only this format allows to store the information listed above. 

During the installation of the application the adfx files are associated with the application, which lets to open them with the double click. 

The application also works with most of the popular graphic formats: 


By the opening of such file the application creates the document which can be calibrated and on which it is possible to conduct measurements. By saving documents in formats different from adfx, the information on calibration is lost, and all the placed figures are drawn into the raster which makes impossible their further editing. 

Showing the document above other windows 

Sometimes it is necessary that one or several documents were displayed above others. In order to do that click with the right button of the mouse on the window heading. In the opened menu choose the Stay on top item. 

If you open this menu one more time, then opposite the Stay on top there shall be a tick. Switching off showing the document above other documents is carried out the same way.

The simultaneous displaying of images at the screen is possible with the help of the “tile” function. Besides, you can “cascade” the documents and switch between the open documents.  

With the help of the always on top function you can fix the document above other windows even when this window is not active. 


Altami software products work under the most popular modern operating system such as Windows, Linux и Macintosh.

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