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13.5 Status bar

Status bar is a panel providing to the user the information on the current status of the document. The bar is the lower panel of the application window. 

In the left part of the bar you can see the pop-up prompt by selecting a special tool. Right part of the bar contains the following information: 

  • FPS (Frames per Second) — Indicates the amount of frames received by work with camera, in a second. 
  • Size of image — Indicates the sizes of the active document image. 
  • Cursor position in the image — Indicates the cursor position in the active image in relation to the left upper corner of the document. 
  • Information on current calibration: name of the calibration, measurement units (for example, millimeters) and the scale (corresponding of one pixel to a certain amount of measurement units, for example, 1 pixel corresponds to 0,0611073 mm). 


Size of the image and image cursor position can be displayed in pixels or, by conducting measurements with the help of calibration, in values, calculated on the basis of current calibration. Thus, if 1 pixel corresponds to 0,0611073 mm, then the sizes of the image 2136 x 1602 pixels by recounting shall be displayed as 130,525 x 97,894 mm. The cursor position 793 x 747 pixels by recounting shall be displayed as 47,9693 x 45,8305 mm.s 

In order to choose the necessary variant of displaying the image sizes and cursor position, click with the right button of the mouse on the status bar, and then click at the necessary menu item: Use pixels or Use calibration.


Altami software products work under the most popular modern operating system such as Windows, Linux и Macintosh.

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